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"Why Do Business in Anguilla?"
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Complementary to the fact that Anguilla is a high-class tourist market , the Government and the private sector jointly decided to follow a similar path for its international financial services industry. This has led to the development of a bespoke rather than off-the-peg, flexibly but well regulated, and, probably most importantly "clean" rather than "crooked", offshore industry operating in Anguilla's tax-free environment.

As international trade becomes globalised, the business community is presented with a bewildering number of choices as to the ideal jurisdiction in which to operate. Opting for a low or zero tax country is only one of many factors affecting today's business decisions. Corporate situs is becoming competitively significant as trade barriers fall and facilities such as the Internet become readily available. Commodities such as intellectual property and data need no longer be maintained in jurisdictions with oppressive fiscal and regulatory regimes.

  • Anguilla is economically, politically and socially stable.
  • Anguilla implements no direct taxation whatsoever - no income, corporation, capital gains, estate, asset, gift or inheritance taxes.
  • Anguilla has no exchange controls.
  • Anguilla has modern legislation based on English common law.
  • Anguilla has state of the art communications systems.
  • Anguilla has easy air access to Europe and the Americas.
  • Anguilla has a well-regulated financial services industry.
  • Anguilla has competent local practitioners including C.E.G. Limited.
  • Anguilla has the world’s first, and only, fully computerised Companies Registry facility (A.C.O.R.N.), which allows authorised agents, from anywhere in the world, to incorporate and maintain companies 24 hours a day and every day in the year.


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The Financial Ad Trader

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This information has been prepared by C.E.G. Ltd. for the benefit of those who may be considering using Anguilla as a fiscal jurisdiction for international, financial or commercial transactions, or investing in the island. This web site is by no means enough in itself as a basis for decisions but rather designed to be an outline of the administrative and legal environment for such businesses. Before taking action on any business or other decisions related to Anguilla, precise and particular advice should be obtained from taxation, legal, accountancy and other relevant professional advisors both in Anguilla and in your home jurisdiction. As information is subject to change, you are urged to consult with us as well as your professional advisors before concluding any business decisions. We look forward to assisting you regarding any of the professional services you may require.