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"What is C.E.G. and why should I use it?"

When C.E.G. Limited was incorporated in 1995, it was one of the first companies to be created under the Companies Ordinance, 1994 (see the Anguilla Financial Services web site for details of all current Legislation). It immediately took over the Company Management business of an associated company, which had been incorporated in 1985. The simple reason for this was that the Company Management Ordinance (1994), which came into effect on 1 January 1995, required, among other things, that any company providing management services would need to have its accounts audited annually. As the associated company was also extensively involved in non-company management work, in locations other than Anguilla, it was decided to split the business, and to have C.E.G. Limited become responsible for company incorporation, management, etc. In the years in which we have had the pleasure to provide International Financial Services, we have constantly striven to develop an efficient and effective company management business for our international clients.

We are based in Anguilla, British West Indies, an ideal location from which to pursue international business goals in a tax-free environment.

The company has a current licence issued under the hand of the Governor of Anguilla, pursuant to the Company Management Act, 2000 and is thus able to assure its clients that their business needs are being attended to by a professional staff in a well-regulated environment. Although we are, by far, not the biggest provider of company services in Anguilla, we pride ourselves in our fast response time and our determination to provide the best possible service to the client. This, together with our network of knowledgeable legal and accounting professionals enables us to execute your requests in the fastest feasible time. Furthermore, despite our size, we have considerable experience of operating companies in the global business environment and have built up a network of contacts covering all facets of international business including efficient fiscal structuring, state of the art communications technology, and group accounting and auditing.

This familiarity with the requirements of multi-jurisdictional businesses, which translates into effectiveness and efficiency, is just one example of how we provide overall value for money. More specific examples can be seen under the links to the main areas of service that we provide, particularly our ability and willingness to enrol overseas partners in using ACORN, as well as more traditional incorporation, registered office and management services, especially in areas such as Ordinary Companies, I.B.C.s, L.L.Cs and L.Ps. As a customer-oriented business, we perform these functions, using the cutting-edge technology provided by A.C.O.R.N.: these days, where speed and efficiency is so important, we and Anguilla can truthfully claim that nobody, elsewhere, incorporates faster. All of this can be attested by our many satisfied clients.

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İMMI  C.E.G. Limited. CEG Ltd. is Licensed by the Government of Anguilla as a Registered Agent under the Company Management Act, 2000

This information has been prepared by C.E.G. Ltd. for the benefit of those who may be considering using Anguilla as a fiscal jurisdiction for international, financial or commercial transactions, or investing in the island. This web site is by no means enough in itself as a basis for decisions but rather designed to be an outline of the administrative and legal environment for such businesses. Before taking action on any business or other decisions related to Anguilla, precise and particular advice should be obtained from taxation, legal, accountancy and other relevant professional advisors both in Anguilla and in your home jurisdiction. As information is subject to change, you are urged to consult with us as well as your professional advisors before concluding any business decisions. We look forward to assisting you regarding any of the professional services you may require.