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An Opportunity to become part of
Anguilla’s Internet Registry system: ACORN

By clicking here, you should find a model agency agreement which was prepared by the Anguilla Financial Services Association (A.F.S.A.) and vetted by Anguilla’s Director of Financial Services. I assume that you have read that document before reading this. As with any agreement, it is subject to whatever fine-tuning may be necessary, provided that the essential characteristics remain. (Besides being a sensible commercial precaution, the enabling legislation demands that a written agreement be in place).

1. Respective Duties and Functions

It goes without saying that the main appeal of A.C.O.R.N. - at least from your viewpoint - is that the mind and management function could be handled at your office(s). In such a case, our function would be of a more passive nature. At a minimum, we would participate as the providers of the registered office/agent service, as the enabling legislation demands that overseas agents operate through a locally licensed practitioner. Therefore our function would be, unless specifically agreed to the contrary in written form, only to provide registered office services; the rest of this document is founded on that premise.

On a related matter, it should be noted that the Ordinance requires that certain documents (or copies) have to be kept at the local Registered Office/ Agent such as Articles, By-Laws and amendments thereto. It should be possible to get this to Anguilla electronically as well as suggesting some conventional filing facility.

2. Implications of "Due Diligence" and "Know Your Customer"

As you will see from the accompanying model agency agreement, there is much emphasis on "Due Diligence" and "Know Your Customer". Besides the universally well known and well-accepted reasons for this, it is particularly relevant in the case of this project.

Firstly, Anguilla has passed a "Proceeds of Criminal Conduct Ordinance", similar to that already passed, in various forms, by countries and territories worldwide, including International Financial Service Centres in the Caribbean such as Cayman, BVI and TCI. Therefore the attention paid to "Due Diligence" and "Know Your Customer" anticipated the requirements of the bill, besides being standard practice elsewhere; the presumption being that the ultimate beneficial owner of any plan has to be known and vetted.

Secondly, the agreement puts an onus on the local agent to ensure that the overseas agent’s "Due Diligence" and "Know Your Customer" functions are in place and acceptable. It also requires that the local agent be aware of the ultimate beneficiary of any company (albeit that protection is extended by the "Confidentiality Relationships Ordinance, 1981"). Failure to do can result in the cancellation of the local agent’s licence as well as rendering that agent liable to criminal penalties or civil actions. Effectively then, what’s basically happening is that the overseas agent is operating under, and courtesy of, the local agent’s reputation/permit. Thus the local agent will need to be re-assured of what the overseas agent’s due diligence procedures are, for the general good of all concerned.

3. Fees

We realize that things are price-sensitive in the real world and that whatever can be done, in this regard, to increase the number of your clients should be seriously considered. As mentioned elsewhere, you may well be able to make incidental but significant cost savings in areas such as courier and telecommunication costs. However, you will appreciate that for us to provide heavily discounted fees, we would need to see an acceptably high volume of companies being formed and maintained. Therefore, we’d like for there to be a real incentive for Anguilla to become your preferred place for doing business. We have opted for a sliding scale - the more we do, the cheaper it gets - thus (all amounts in US$):

Number Cost of Provision of Registered Office/Agent


Cumulative Cost

First 50 companies in any given calendar year costs US$100 each



51 -100 companies @ $90 each



101 - 200 companies @ $85 each



201 - 400 companies @ $80 each



401 - 1000 companies @ $75 each



1001+ companies @ $70 each    

Total Cost for 1000 Companies


These prices are for prospective agents, are subject to annual review and may be increased or decreased in light of economic forces; existing Agents enjoy the price structure at the time of their enrolment or the current pricing structure, whichever is the more advantageous to them.

Any additional services (including professional and re-billed expenses concerning provision of Certificates of Good Standing, notarizations, apostilles etc.) would be charged for additionally. There are fees paid to Government or professional charges by Third Parties for these; we can’t in all fairness be asked to dash around, emptying our cheque book and getting these documents for free because there’s no saying that we may not be doing dozens of such trips each day - if the client wants these services, (s)he shouldn’t object to paying for it - although we would entertain a notion of benchmark fees (available on request) with a progressive reduction depending on volume as mentioned above. We would also endeavor to make similar arrangements with third parties (not Government!) for such services.

As is customary, fees would be payable in advance - for year 2000, for example, on or before 1 Jan. 2000.

4. Effective Start Date

Our proposal would be for any agreement to be signed as soon as possible, with the understanding that the end of the first year, for the purposes of calculating fees referred to above, would be 31 December. Thus, if operations were to commence on 1 June, the first calendar year would consist of 7 months.

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